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Organization Type: Health & Medical
Address: 466 Speers Rd #207-208,, Oakville, Ontario L6J 2X6
Contact: Mary Zawadzki
Phone: 877-560-8035

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What We Do/Mission

Melanoma Canada advocates for and supports Canadians living with melanoma and skin cancer with helpful resources, education, psychosocial support services, and more.

Support melanoma and skin cancer patients, caregivers, and medical professionals through current and coordinated information and services.

Educate Canadians on melanoma and skin cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment options available.

Be the united voice of the melanoma and skin cancer community, advocating for early detection, timely diagnosis, and effective treatment options.

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Melanoma Canada’s Volunteer Opportunities

Skin Cancer Peer Support Volunteer

Organization: Melanoma Canada
Category: Social and Community Service
Description: Peer Support Volunteer About the role: If you’ve been diagnosed with melanoma or skin cancer or have been a caregiver to someone with melanoma or skin cancer, you can offer hope and support …Read More

Melanoma Canada Regional Representative

Organization: Melanoma Canada
Category: Health / Medical
Description: Often time people who have dealt with a cancer diagnosis want to support others with cancer. Whether you are a cancer survivor or a family member or friend of someone living with cancer, you …Read More
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466 Speers Rd #207-208,, Oakville, Ontario L6J 2X6

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