ON COVID-19 Project

Organization Type: Other Nonprofit
Address: London, Ontario
Contact: Emma Woodbeck
Website: https://oncovid19project.com/

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Launched in June 2020, the ON COVID-19 Project is a co-operative grassroots, volunteer-based endeavour. Bringing together your friendly neighbourhood nerds, active citizens, and change-agents in order to help keep Millennials and Gen Z informed and engaged with COVID-19. Through harnessing the combined potential of volunteerism and social media, the #ONCOVID19Project strives to disseminate information that is shareable and easy to understand. The content we create is always credible, concise, and Canadian. Our talented team come from a variety of backgrounds and have experience in countless fields – they sift through academic journals and find evidence-informed information, then display this work in fully branded graphics. Let us find the answers to your questions so you can focus on all the new normals of your day-to-day life. You won’t have to visit any new platforms to see our work – we come to you by mobilizing our team members and partners to reshare on their social media accounts.

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Virtual Volunteer Opportunities for Innovative, Driven and Compassionate Millennials and Gen Z

Organization: ON COVID-19 Project
Category: Other Positions
Description: Join a developing volunteer environment that is part Virtual Public Health Unit, part Public Service and Part Start-Up. Value-driven and progressive culture. Opportunity to both grow and …Read More
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