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Organization Type: Other Nonprofit
Address: 580 rue Saint-Jean App 13, Quebec, Quebec G1R 1P6
Contact: Alain Dubé
Phone: 418-805-6607

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Social integration mission:

Develop habits and attitudes favorable to their social and professional integration into the labor market, with the aim of rehabilitation and the fight against poverty and exclusion.

Relieve the conditions of people suffering from stress related to work, family situations problems, single parenthood, loneliness, poverty, etc. and allow them to recharge their batteries operating a short-term accommodation-respite house, outside urban centers, offering them services and support and mutual aid programs such as information sessions, conferences, workshops, discussion groups and counseling.

Support people suffering from stress caused by work, family, single parenthood, etc.;

Provide services such as information sessions, workshops, conferences and organize discussion groups;

Promote volunteerism throughout the community with the participation of people who actively work within the organization;

Promote and enable social reintegration;

To improve the standard and quality of life of people who are unable to participate in the workforce, for whatever reason.

Target customers:

Low-income people;

Needing rehabilitation assistance;

Living in poverty;

Persons placed in custody in an establishment, hospitalized, placed in pre-trial detention, or who are housed in a reception residence or in other types of public establishments;

Having received a verdict of not criminally responsible due to mental disorder or unfitness to stand trial; the types of decisions: unconditional release, conditional release, detention with or without modality.

Support measures in case of emergency or prevention:

Essential health care:

Promote health by providing medical services to the public;

Relieve conditions associated with impairment;

Analyze functional abilities;

Needs and limits assessment program (learning disability, motor skills disorder, impairment

psychological, blindness or visual impairment, deafness or hearing impairment, chronic illness or other impairments) of patients in order to promote social reintegration;

Technical assistance to optimize physical and functional capacities by collaborating with the physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist and audiologist as well as other health professionals health;

Offer a support and accompaniment service during a short period of hospitalization; Recommend or perform a medical intervention desired or needed by the patient.

Personal, legal and financial management:

Planning; Management of your financial and personal affairs; Legal services and forensic management; Protection mandate;

Planning (wills and personal affairs);

Suspension of criminal records; Will and personal affairs planning;

Budget assistance and financial planning services;

Financial assistance in the form of micro-loans and individual development accounts;

Help with filling out government forms (for example, to obtain social assistance and other benefits);

Provide access to the Internet;

Communication service in both official languages; Translation.

Make tenant improvements:

Make improvements to rented property;

Initial home inspection;

Rental market assessment;

Necessary home repairs.

Providing housing at below market prices:

Relieve poverty by providing below-market rate housing, support and related facilities;

Relieve a condition or disability linked to old age, including the provision of care and rehabilitation facilities for seniors;

Home care services;

Laundry service.

Nutrition: Nutrition service; Bulk purchases; Increase knowledge towards healthy eating; Culinary art, collective cooking workshops. Clothing and supplies: Providing clothing and other basic amenities; Distribution of supplies of goods or services; Health field that provides specialized equipment at no cost or at less than cost; Equipment support, adapted activity, reference information line; Items can be ordered online (via the Internet).

Therapeutic workshop:

Artistic activities and craft works;

Employment, training and workshops aimed at social reintegration:

Help with preparation for employment; Distance learning;

Specific training linked to the employer’s activities;

Sewing and hairdressing workshops;

Workshops for manufacturing and repairing various items;

Workshops for manufacturing ecological products;

Workshops on the basics of manufacturing personal protective equipment;

Household appliance and clothing repair workshops;

Introduction to shoemaking;

Workshops for various construction, cabinetmaking, carpentry and woodworking work;

Assembly, finishing, packaging, handling and packaging workshops;

Mechanical, recreational vehicle maintenance and repair workshops as well as car washes;

Recycling workshop, reconditioning and cleaning of recovered materials

Additional commercial activities:

Cafe Restaurant;

Short-term tourist accommodation.


Ridesharing and transportation services.


Export of tangible movable goods.

Animal protection:

Promote the protection of animals in the public interest;

Help stray, abandoned, mistreated or left at shelters;

Operate an animal adoption program.

Environmental Protection:

Development of community gardens;

Protect the environment for the public interest;

Reduce pollution by cleaning or rehabilitating sites;

Restore ecosystems and biodiversity in the long term, from polluted water, air or polluted land.

Research programs:

Promotion of trade and industry;

Promoting excellence in trade and industry in Canada, in the public interest by conducting research into best practices for sources of work-related stress;

Online publication of research analysis reports “Sources of stress relating to the industry”;

Conduct research on the sources of stress linked to the economy and the eligibility criteria of different levels of government;

Study the socio-economic factors that influence our health status and contribute to inequalities in health, income, employment and working conditions, food security, environment and housing, mental health and well-being as well as a low-income threshold;

Methodology: the Social and Affordable Housing Survey – Rental properties;

Study the effects of radiation on health, problems accessing services and factors linked to economic, social and physical environments;

Learn more about stressful situations that differ depending on styles, taking into account that each person reacts differently in stressful situations;

Conduct research on the effects of stress on health, on housing conditions, on education and on the supply of goods and services, access to health care, literacy, minimum wage or low-paid work;

Conduct interviews and disseminate research reports on data analysis, stress management, impacts, etc.;

Collect administrative data; data appearing in the database or in the files of the organizations or institutions responsible for the project or its programming;

Study business management and the development of work organization, ergonomics, etc. in the raw materials, renewable energy and sustainable development sectors;

Study the structure of businesses and housing in cities, suburbs and rural areas.

Promotion of the organization:

Awareness campaigns among “customers”;

Organization of events such as information kiosks in shopping centers or in educational institutions, etc.;

Presentation of an architectural model “Sources of stress relating to the industry”;

Writing a journal for the benefit of the organization.

Promote education:

Promote education by providing books, materials and teaching aids for children and young people facing family stress problems in remote areas;

Offer breakfast in various schools, throughout the school year, providing juices, yogurts, muffins, etc.;

Childcare service;

Offer breakfast in various schools, throughout the school year, providing juices, yogurts, muffins, etc.;

Promote education by offering public scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to low-income individuals for primary, secondary or post-secondary education;

Recruitment of students in educational institutions.

Development courses:

Workplace leaming internships offering the opportunity to gain work experience and improve skills in your field of study;

Offer internships in a context of international development allowing you to pursue studies or an internship abroad.

How to help us:

We were collecting donations;

We always need volunteers.

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