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Worker rest Répit du travailleur (Worker rest)

Organization Name: Worker rest Répit du travailleur
Opportunity Title: Worker rest
Category: Health / Medical
Commitment: Ongoing Opportunity (> 1 year)
Start Date: November 23, 2021
End Date: November 23, 2022

  • Appropriate for court-ordered volunteers
Opportunity Description:

Mission of the organization Relieve the conditions of people suffering from work-related stress, problematic family situations, single parenthood, loneliness, poverty, etc. and allow them to recharge their batteries by operating a short-term respite shelter, outside urban centers, offering them support and mutual assistance services and programs such as information sessions, conferences, workshops, focus groups and counseling. Promotion of volunteerism throughout the community Relieve conditions attributed to old age by providing personal care, housekeeping, meals, nursing, shopping assistance and transportation to medical appointments for people with reduced mobility. Related facilities by providing housing at lower than market prices To promote education by providing scholarships to the public and other forms of financial assistance for [elementary, secondary and post-secondary]  Promote education by providing structured training programs for children and youth facing family stress issues in remote areas. Babysitting service, temporary animal shelter, laundry serviceAllow breakfast in various schools throughout the school year by providing juices, yogurts, muffins, etc. Streams 1 objectives Support people suffering from stress caused by work, family, single parenthood, etc. By providing services such as information sessions, workshops, conferences and organization of focus groups. Target clientele: Unexpected or difficult problematic situation, low-income people, underqualified, minimum wage. The activity of the short-term shelter: Allow social reintegration Support measure in case of emergency or temporary: unsanitary housing, separation, bereavement, moving, hospital appointment, overwork, professional burnout, no medical followup, disability, accident, special benefit, training, law visitation, insolvency, alimony, unemployment, loss of employment, other. Educate plans to achieve these “Café-catering” objectives Access and learning assessment Nutrition department, collective cooking workshop, management of eating areas Distribution of supply of goods or services Essential repairs at home E-commerce, distance learning Provide clothing and other bass amenities Healthcare field that provides specialized equipment free of charge or at less than cost Carpooling, transport, internet access Collect donations and services Streams 2 objectives Short-term shelter activity – Support measure in case of emergency or temporary Allow social reintegration Educational plans to achieve these goals Workshop, Culinary art, confectionery activities Artistic activities, visual arts, crafts, mechanical workshops Creation, assembly, DIY, contemporary art, literary writing, sewing, hairdressing, etc. Personal protective equipment, household appliance, clothing, shoe repair, cabinetmaking, carpentry, woodwork Assembly, packaging finishing, handling and packaging, bicycle, sports equipment Ecological product, cleaning and maintenance Recycled, repair shop Streams 3 objectives Allow social reintegration – Access and assessment of learning and support Support people suffering from stress caused by work, family, single parenthood, etc. By providing services such as information sessions, workshops, conferences and organization of focus groups. Target clientele: Unexpected or difficult problematic situation, low-income people, underqualified, minimum wage The activity of the short-term shelter: Allow social reintegration Improve the standard and quality of life for those who are unable to join the workforce for one reason or another. Promote health by providing medical services Relieve conditions associated with a physical disability Institutional call medical assessment program Technical assistance to optimize physical and functional capacities by collaborating with physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist and audiologist as well as with other health professionals. Support and accompaniment service during a short period of hospitalization Recommendation or practice of a medical intervention that the patient wants or needs Streams 4 objectives The activity of the short-term shelter: Allow social reintegration Legal department, medico-legal management Different types of civil procedure and not criminally responsible orders Direct the person to the right resource, inform them of their rights and remedies Locker suspension Right of access: people accommodated in remote areas, relocation. Budget support and financial planning services Financial assistance in the form of micro loans and individual development accounts Managing your financial and personal affairs Home care service Help with filling out government forms (for example, to get social assistance and other benefits) Help with preparation for employment, funeral services Lease rental service Streams 5 objectives The activity of the short-term shelter: Allow social reintegration [Carry out research in a recognized area of ​​knowledge and disseminate the results to the public] Release of the research report “Sources of Relative Stress in Canadian Industry” Work-related Stress ” Effects of stress on health, housing conditions, education, supplies of goods or services Online publication of research report Interview subject to a research report on data analysis, stress management, impacts, etc. “Source of stress related to the economy, eligibility criteria of the various levels of government” Social styles and stressful situations Data source and collection method Administrative data: data contained in the database or files of the body or institution responsible for the project or program Streams 6 objectives The activity of the short-term shelter: Allow social reintegration Organize awareness campaigns, information kiosk Distribution of leaflets in businesses, shopping centers and educational institutions. Presentation of a model of architecture, structures, housing, development of industry, city, suburb, region, with the surrounding environment Communication service in both official languages, translation program, specific training related to the employer’s activities Writing a newspaper for the benefit of the organization Recruitment of students in educational institutions Streams 7 objectives Promotion of the organization, complementary commercial activity, low-cost accommodation, tourism, travelers Streams 8 objectives The activity of the short-term shelter: Allow social reintegration Possibility of internship and volunteering International internships allow you to continue your studies or do your internship abroad Provide young people with the opportunity to gain work experience and improve their competence in their field of study in an international development context.

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